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As you may have heard, yes, Share is floating: on January 23rd, we had our last Share jam at Openair bar, which is changing its focus and gently shooing us out of the nest. They've been a good home to Share and the old Openair will be missed, but we've enjoyed the floating Shares we've had so far at bpm, Experimental Intermedia and Subtonic and we're looking forward to finding a new permanent location. If you're interested in hosting Share once, thrice or many times, please contact [][/url].
posted by danwinckler


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Share has found its new home.... back in the east village on 12 st between Av.A and Av.B at 'Mundial', a space not unlike OpenAir, but with better beer and slicker flatscreens.
Please come and check it out. We're starting these days around 6pm and generally running only till 12 or 1am.
See you there!
posted by newc