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[share] Sun 3/16: Share @(OA) Can Factory w/ Alessandro Olla + openjam!   ]
2014-03-16 20:00:00

Share.NYC is ON this Sun, March 16th!

On Sunday, March 16th, @The (OA) Can Factory, room C-101

232 3rd Street, Ground Flr
Brooklyn, NY 11215

We'll have a featured guest set by:

Alessandro Olla
sound artist and performer

Prolific and multi-faceted artist, Alessandro Olla has invested a major part of his creative effort in transgressing musical formalities and academicism. His skills forged in classical studies that included piano, composition and electronics, he was soon tempted by the possibilities of the freest slopes of sonic creation, entering into the turbulent but exciting fields of improvisation, experimentation and risk-taking electronics. In the course of those trips he has been able to count on the collaboration of major figures of the most uncompromising musical activism: Ikue Mori, Maja Ratke,Tim Hodgkinson, David Shea, David Cossin, Max Eastley, Marc Ribot, Jean Marc Montera, Llorenc Barber, Elio Martusciello, Victor Nubla, Z’EV. As a result of this fertile curiosity and of his aim of dissolving the prison walls surrounding different disciplines, the work of Alessandro Olla started spreading, as of a decade ago, in multiple directions. Those directions have led to his involvement in projects that incorporate visual and scenic factors such as speakers (creations for films and theatre and dance shows, performances), to express the poetical and sonorous possibilities of objects and matter, or to rediscover certain physical phenomena (gravitation, oscillation, inertia) through the eye of a bold conjurer. The result of this investigation is a work that extracts from risk and experimentation a range of experiences, bright and immediate, that make out of the ‘every-day’ something continuously re-discoverable.


Alessandro Olla will perform

IMBYA – A/V performance & installation

“I am because you are“ is a field recording and live electronics audio project conceived during the SUNHOO Park Artistic Residence, Hang Zhou, China and then developed during two other Artistic Residencies in Ethiopia and Iceland. The project has drawn two different paths:

# Recording the field sound in the land to explore and investigate the acoustic identity

# Video documentation at dusk

“I am because you are” is an A/V performance based on the recording of acoustic and video landscapes, then edited in real time with live electronics software.

“I am because you are” is also an interactive installation. Any visitor can merge sounds and images, all recorded at dusk, mixing scenarios and acoustic identities from dramatically evolving places such as China and Ethiopia and natural and quiet sounds and visions from Iceland.

/// IT

I am because you are
A/V performance e installazione interattiva.
Un progetto di antropologia sonora e identità acustiche tra Cina, Etiopia e Islanda.

Alessandro Olla, promotore e fautore della sperimentazione elettronica, coinvolto in diverse iniziative di respiro internazionale, si è misurato con un progetto che trascende il concetto di musica per divenire documento nel senso più ampio del termine, abbracciando aspetti legati alla componente musicale ma anche a quella documentaria, ambientale e antropologica.

IMBYA indaga l’evoluzione frenetica d’importanti centri cittadini di Cina e Africa, paesaggi in continuo mutamento, consumati e corrosi dal cemento e dalla modernizzazione. Il progetto nasce attraverso due componenti distinte: la registrazione dei suoni dell’ambiente, con lo scopo di trovare ed esplorare l’identità acustica del luogo e la documentazione video sulla trasformazione dei territori. Evoluzione dunque anche di suoni e identità acustiche, in stridente contrasto con la natura ferma e immutata dei bianchi territori islandesi, terzo e ultimo paesaggio contemplato dal progetto. Lo studio dei tre scenari combina così neve e silenzio ad autostrade e cantieri di lavoro, poi mercati, automobili e fabbriche, tutti catturati alle stessa ora: il crepuscolo.

Il progetto trova il suo sviluppo in due direzioni: performance e installazione.

IMBYA performance è l’esecuzione di riprese video e registrazioni dei panorami sonori, modificate in tempo reale con software di live electronics.

IMBYA installazione è un’installazione interattiva che consente al visitatore di miscelare insieme i suoni, precedentemente raccolti attraverso un lavoro di field recording durante le diverse residenze in Cina, Etiopia e Islanda. Al contempo si fonderanno anche le immagini dei tre diversi panorami, proposti con ripresa fissa durante il crepuscolo.

(more info >> )


Of course, there will be the openjam before/after the featured set!

Bring all of your aural/visual noise-making toys to hop into the jam, &/or simply bring yourself to hang out, chat, exchange ideas/headaches/inspirations over drinks in a comfy atmosphere!! Show up early!! Stay late!!! is a multimedia jam session and forum for people interested in art and performance of any type. Participants are encouraged to show and exchange ideas freely by giving each other feedback, catalyzing and developing techniques and philosophies in collaborative performance, all in a non-judgmental environment. Share does not curate or impose an aesthetic. Mistakes and experiments are welcome!

We generally receive audio &/or visual participants - not necessarily digital. Laptops, analog &/or acoustic instruments (analog synths, acoustic string/horn/percussion/etc instruments), homemade gadgets, film/slides (if you'll bring a necessary projector), etc. are happily accommodated! Share loves all kinds of experiments with things including (but not limited to) various sensors, collaborative programming, soldering on-site (if you'll bring soldering equipment), making low-key toy instruments (circuit bent or not), contact microphones, live projections/reflection/refraction, etc!

Share happens on Sundays!! (But double-check for the occasional change of plans)
Swing by anytime between 20:00-midnight.
FREE admission as always!!

Try out the digital dual-HD projection system!

Two 1080p projectors on a TripleHead2Go video splitter give you a 3840x1080 canvas wrapping around two sides of the beautiful white-walled room C101. Most modern laptops with mini-DVI output can plug straight into the dual-HD setup, or bring adapters and go VGA or HDMI directly to a single projector.


In general, the closest transit stops to (OA) Can Factory are:
Subway F or G Line to CARROLL ST stop
- Walk East down Third St over Gowanus Canal to Third Av

Subway R Line to UNION ST stop
- Walk South on Fourth Av. then West on Third St to Third Av
Bus B37 or B71 to THIRD AVE-THIRD ST (Westbound) or THIRD AVE-UNION ST (Eastbound)
- From Union St, walk South on Third Ave to Third St

Until Oct 2014, on weekends the R will run express over the Manhattan Bridge between Canal St and Dekalb Ave (no R service at City Hall, Cortlandt, Rector, Whitehall, Court Sts and Jay St-MetroTech). Unless you are coming from one of the skipped stations, it is faster than ever to get to Share via the R train!

Always check for subway service changes:

Service changes on 3/16/14 around the (OA) Can Factory:

F/G: Queens-bound trains skip Fort Hamilton Pkwy, 15 St-Prospect Park and 4 Av-9 St

Accordingly, if you normally take F train, get off at Carroll St station instead of 4th Ave/9th St!!!

Use MTA's Tripplanner online site. It reflects all the service changes on subways & busses and suggests you the best routes


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