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Pictures, videos and audio
 Yannick Franck
 Esther B
 Esther B
 Chloé Tallot et Arnout Hulskamp
 OSC apps
 QCP Quartz Composer Performer
 from Share in Wiesbaden 4
 from Share in Wiesbaden 3
 from Share in Wiesbaden 2
 from Share in Wiesbaden
 anyware schedule 2004

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Night at Share: ode to OpenAir circa 2003
SHARE in Wiesbaden
New Build of Quartonian VSM with fullscreen capabilities
bridge Max/MSP and Cocoa
Setting up a Live Stream FAQ
Quartz Composer Performer
Asteria / Eric Redlinger + Sylvia Rhyne
Chloé Tallot and Arnout Hulskamp VJ Set
SHARE budapest (with clips)